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the multi authentication middleware

We solve one of the biggest Web2 challenges!
The missing trust foundation layer.

Authenticate with a simple tap

Decentralise data for more protection

The 5 reasons for a business to choose sideos


Best-In-Class User Experience

It's hard for businesses and users to manage 100+ passwords, PINs, One-Time-Tokens, physical keys, FIDO-tokens. We replace old fashioned and expensive authentication means with a simple one-click experience via a QR-Code, NFC, or Bluethooth-based 2FA authentication with a single TAP!


Ultimate Fraud-Resilience

User-centric fraud pattern like Account-Take-Over via phishing and CEO fraud via social engineering grow exponentially every year. Businesses suffer huge losses due to Identity theft, reputation challenges, and resource costs. Our solutions help to close the attack vector with our decentralised data architecture.


Truly Privacy-Preserving

GDPR challenges due to non-compliant user interactions and misused user data lead to growing fines by regulatory bodies around the world. Our solutions help you to get instant consent from your customer and to avoid sensitive data transfer via the backends without user confirmation. This is privacy by design!


Immediate Return on Investment

Operation of traditional authentication methods is very expensive. With our backup&recovery self-service, users do not need to re-enroll or contact helpdesks. This significantly reduces the administration costs associated with credential management, password resets, identity fraud and lost tokens. 


Ultimate Workforce Efficiency

Authentication methods in organisations today are heterogenous and often don't work smoothly. Companies feature various costly systems involving login systems, access to the buildings, authorisation of transactions, and many more. Our solution provides a single infrastructure to serve all in a single system.

sideos multi authentication middleware

SSI as a Service

We provide SSI technology as a Service that allows to reuse and transfer credentials with inherent user consent from one wallet to another. Compliant to the W3C DID standard, sideos is truly interoperable with other SSI wallets following that standard. Our solutions are compliant to the recent eIDAS 2.0 regulation and EBSI initiative. Our sideos DID method is registered as a W3C DID method and supports you to set up fully GDPR compliant applications.


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