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Our technology stack is based on SSI, a new internet protocol that will change the way identity data and authentication is shared between entities, users & devices.

SSI is a protocol defined in the for exchanging data in a decentralised way: it combines data and ownership into one single dataset, then signs the dataset by using digital signatures and puts the content into an object called Verifiable Credential (VC).

SSI is a standard and therefore is meant to be interoperable, as long as different providers implement the same rules defined in the definitions. We comply with W3C as well as with EBSI & eIDAS 2.0 (EU DI).

A VC, describes not only a set of data, but also contains its ownership through a signature. Similar to digital signatures, a VC can be verified at a later point and therefore trusted.

Every unambiguous attribute/specification that represents a user or device can be a VC: a KYC/ ID data set, a public key, a payment method, a medical exam, a degree or certification, and many more.

sideos Base (incl. Passwordless Login)


Our middleware API connects an organisation’s decentralised data to other trusted data sources to verify the data being requested is legitimate. In a second step we replace passwords, PINs, tokens, physical keys, cards etc. The API is very lean with only 2 endpoints.



sideos provides an SDK to be integrated into mobile apps for Android and iOS. The SDK enables the app to interact with the SSI protocol and capture, store, and share Verifiable Credentials.

Mobile Wallet:

Our mobile SSI wallet is available for Android and iOS and can be used to interact with W3C-compliant SSI services. Links Apple & Google

Backup & Recovery

Over the past decades, account recovery has been a difficult and user-unfriendly thing, from SMS OTPs to call center interaction. Back-up & recovery with sideos is easy, secure and unbreakable.

Prerequisite: sideos Base & Backup Recovery Plugin

Passwordless SSO (Single Sign On)

User authentication is a central element of managing resources in corporate environments. Knowing the user is crucial for assigning responsibilities and permissions, but also to set up audit trails to comply with law and regulations.

With sideos you will authenticate your workforce (incl. consultants, service provider etc.) with a single tap, replacing push notifications, passwords, tokens etc.

Prerequisite: sideos Base & SSO Plugin

Cloud Wallet

Our cloud wallet provides companies but also individual users with a wallet that is hosted as a service. It is meant for integrated SSI applications and B2B interactions. The hosted wallet provides a modulare key management to give customers the choice if keys should be hold in the wallet or on the customer's premises.

Prerequisite: sideos Base & Cloud Wallet Plugin

Desktop Wallet

We provide a browser extension: similarly to the mobiles SSI Wallet app, the Desktop Wallet is the place where you can safely receive, store and exchange Verifiable Credentials through your digital identity, which is created locally on your browser.

Our browser extension is not only a fast way to test our solutions, but is also suitable for work environments where mobile phones are not permitted.

Prerequisite: sideos Base & Desktop Wallet Plugin

Procura Engine

We provide a service that allows separation of duties based on roles provided as Verifiable Credentials. Access and preperation of tasks can be seprated from approval and execution based on information held in Verifiable Credentials. This simplifies federal collaborations in a B2B environment as well as internal permission management.

Prerequisite: sideos Base & Procura Engine Plugin

Identity Verification (KYC & Co)

Our solution replaces manual input and multiple KYC capture procedures by a temper-proof data store on the customer’s premises using web standards.


That way the user can provide KYC data, login and onboard all with a single click. Connect to our KYC provider network around the world, accourding to your level of assurance.

Prerequisite: sideos Base & KYC Plugin

Privacy Preserved KYC

Zero-Knowledge Protocols (ZKP) in itself can be used to prove eligibility (e.g., for age-restricted services) without revealing exact details, safeguarding sensitive information. Data is securely encrypted and validated for specific purposes, never exposing any personal information.


sideos enables the efficient management and storage of identity credentials. It enables the sharing of specific data attributes without disclosing any personal information.

Prerequisite: sideos Base & KYC Plugin & Zero Knowledge Plugin

Passworless PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module)

Linux and Unix-based systems use the Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) system for a
modular authentication stack. The aim is to provide applications a very flexible way to
connect to different authentication procedures provided by the operating system which can
be configured in accordance to the needs and policies of a company.

Prerequisite: Standalone Repository

VPN Connector

sideos instandly connects to corporate VPN environment once the user enters the facility in an encrypted, secured & seamless for the user. 

Prerequisite: sideos Base & VPN Connector

Bank Account Verification (BAO)

Verify payment flows via our account ownership validation. Seamless integrate into your onboarding procedures and avoiding 1 cent transactions to validate account ownership. It is a way the user can provide bank account data, gets login credentials, and can be seamlessly onboarded, all with a single click.

Prerequisite: sideos Base & BAO Plugin

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