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Use Cases

Our holistic approach simplifies a wide range of different authentication, access & authorisation procedures.

Our platform makes possible what seemed unthinkable. 

sideos for Customers

Passwordless Login

  • ​improve user experience 

  • eliminate account take over & ID theft

  • reduce admin costs & privacy fines

  • seamless and secure backup & recovery

  • fully PSD2 compliant SCA and dynamic linking

Requires: sideos Base + Backup Recovery 


Check-In/ Check-Out

  • seamlessly check-in/ -out into any travel, hospitality and transport service

  • push virtuell keys automatically into the wallet

  • eliminate fines related to data-privacy/-protection 

Requires: sideos Base + NFC plugin

Seamless KYC &

ID wallet integration

  • integrate ​any KYC assurance level via our global ID partners

  • connect to decentralised and centralised ID wallets

  • use KYC credentials for any eGovernment service

Requires: sideos Base + KYC or ID wallet plugin

Know your Customer (KYC)

  • integrate ​any KYC assurance level via our global ID partners

  • usage of zero knowledge protocol to anonymise user data via our global zkp partners

  • seamless and secure backup & recovery

Requires: sideos Base + KYC plugin + Backup & Recovery plugin + zero knowledge plugin

Bank Account verification

  • ensure bank account ownership (BAO)

  • integrate ​our IBAN verification service 

  • secure payment TRX and reduce fraud

Requires: sideos Base + BAO plugin 

sideos for Workforce

Passwordless SSO

  • ​improve user experience 

  • eliminate internal fraud

  • replace heterogenous authentication environment with a single system

  • reduce admin costs 

  • seamless and secure backup & recovery

  • offline/ remote enabled 

Requires: sideos Base + SSO plugin + Backup Recovery 

Secure access based on

job role & risk level

  • combine authentication with power of attorney for payment

  • eliminate social engineering fraud such as CEO-fraud

  • managing secure role-based access to any system and/ or offline console & facility

Requires: sideos Base + SSO & or procura engine & or PAM repos.

Combine Auth with

automatic VPN connection

  • protect VPN connections with passwordless authentication

  • automated and location-based VPN setup facilitating 2FA

  • automated provisioning 

Requires: sideos Base + VPN connector

Passwordless Auth for

Linux/Unix Terminals/Consoles

  • compliant (PSD2) 2FA/ SCA authentication for terminals and consoles

  • easy integration as a PAM module

  • terminal-based QR-Code

Requires: PAM plugin

What our customers say....

Jonathan Knoll, MD & Co-Founder at etonec

"sideos is a great partner for our  crypto & web3 projects when solutions for trusted data interactions are required. Their platform is flexible enough to serve any new use case we come across in distributed economies where businesses, people or devices need to exchange or trade data. A decentralized KYC solution, a desktop wallet, and zero-knowledge based escrow service are just some examples where they helped to create solutions for our clients."
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